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Inland Empire, Are You Ready To Ruuummmbbblllllleee!?

2 Aug

It”s that time of year again. Can you smell it in the air? We’ve been anxiously awaiting for weeks and we can hardly contain our excitement because….


It’s going to be awesome. New projects,new members and an even bigger impact! GAHHHH!!

We know, you can barely wait to start to get started, but hold your horses. Before you do anything with us, make sure you, your teacher or advisor, or a representative attends our official kick-off meeting at the Frontier Project on Wednesday, August 15 at 6pm.We will be introducing our new student committee, laying out proposed projects for the upcoming year and establishing the rules and responsibilities of participation.

With that said, set your countdown clocks folks! Let’s make this the best year GTA has ever seen!


It’s Time To Rethink How We Argue Climate Change.

12 Jul

Doesn’t it feel like sometimes it’s hard to close the gap between climate skeptics and advocates? Why cant we get people to agree on environmental issues?

Enough is enough.

Today on NPR’s Talk of the Nation, environmentalist Jon Foley explains the need to reframe climate debates in order to move forward on important issues. We agree. You can listen to it here.

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