Green Team America provides members with:

An aggressive array of local, national and international “green projects” that will have an immediate and measurable effect on runaway CO2 emissions. Carried out simultaneously across the country, these projects will serve as a jump-start for all Americans to join the cause.

Guidance from, and access to, an impressive Board of Advisers from across the State of California and the United States. The group includes many prominent members of city government, environmental educators and experts, consultants and business professionals active in the struggle against man-made climate alteration.

Project STOPP (Students To Oppose Plastic Polution): There is a floating mass of plastic debris the size of Texas sloshing around in the north Pacific and our landfills are literally buried under a tsunami of empty water bottles and packing foam…and it won’t even begin to bio-degrade for centuries to come. We all know that we must stop the flow of man-made plastics into our waste stream and yet we can’t seem to make it happen. Green Team America is organizing students and faculty advisors across the nation to break the plastic habit at the source where most of it begins…at the local supermarket. GTA club members will coordinate a series of week-end events that include intercepting shoppers on the way IN with information and free eco-friendly tote bags so that on their way OUT they leave the plastic behind. We set our sights a bit higher than getting a community to respond, we are dedicated to changing the way America thinks about what to buy and how it impacts our lives.

Project LEAF (Let’s Enhance America’s Forests): One of the most memorable environmental comparisons we all carried away from elementary school was “…trees are the lungs of our planet”. Well, that is virtually true and Planet Earth’s lungs are shrinking alarmingly fast. Can any of us actually grasp the concept of an acre and a half disappearing from the rain forest every second? Grasp it or not, we need to take some real and dramatic action. GTA students are working with local city administrations and forestry professionals to plant the right kind of trees, in the right places, at the right time to assure 100% project success. The individual clubs will integrate their efforts with existing maintenance programs to create a lasting memorial to the concern and commitment of America’s young people and the faculty advisors who mentor them. The combined efforts of GTA clubs across the country will create a virtual sustainable forest.

Project GLOW (Good Lighting for Our World): The goal of this project is to exchange inefficient incandescent light bulbs for compact fluorescent bulbs. CFLs use less energy, reducing the amount of coal burned, thus protecting human health and slowing the pace of climate change. Project GLOW aims to introduce energy efficiency to every household in the Inland Empire;  we believe that this exchange is the easiest way to do this and recognize an energy savings. This is especially important in areas where families may not be able to afford the initial cost of CFLs and need to lower their energy costs.

During Project GLOW, students will bring in old-fashioned light bulbs from home to school and they will receive energy-efficient CFLs in exchange…free!

GLOW is open to all of our high school’s clubs and we expect the majority to actively participate. Many schools have already indicated they will also take the CFLs into their local community (churches, retirement facilities, etc) The students will be well qualified to answer energy related questions and are eager to promote better energy resources.

Green Team America student project


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