When Less Is More

10 Jul

 The waste of plenty is the resource of scarcity.

                     -Thomas Love Peacock

With exploding populations all over the world, it is time to rethink how we consume things. In the following article by GOOD magazine, author Lindsay Clinton explores the idea of dissuading deveoping countries away from the individualistic American Dream model and into a more colaborative one. And why not!? Imagine if all 7 billion people consumed as much resources as the average American citizen. We’d drown in waste!

You can read this thought-provoking article here.

Also, comment below and tell us what you think. Is this feasible in these countries? Do you think that the Untied States could/should strive to share? Or is there no chance?


Please, A Round of Applause For Chaffey High School.

3 Jul

One word to describe the feat that Chaffey High School has just accomplished: Fantawesome.

Chaffey High School is the winner of the NATIONAL  Alliance for Climate Education’s Biggest Loser: Energy competition. 99 high schools competed to see who could reduce the most energy on campus. Chaffey came out on top, saving over 16,000 pounds of CO2 from entering the Earth’s atmosphere! You can find out more about their work here.

On behalf of the GTA team, we are humbled and delighted to have them as members of our squad. Keep up the great work!

We want YOU to be a GTA student leader!

18 Jun

Green Team America CA is looking for highly motivated high school students for our 2012-2013 student committee. This is group is responsible for the main components that keep GTA running, such as fundraising, project planning, community outreach, etc. This is an awesome opportunity for students to exercise and strengthen their leadership and teamwork skills and meet other motivated teenagers that strive to green and educate their communities.

There are five staff positions available: 1 vice president, 2 secretaries, and 2 treasurers. We are looking for students who are action oriented, creative, dedicated, dependable, energetic & enthusiastic, good communicators, passionate, self-motivated, and aware of the needs of their communities.

To find out more about the positions or if you have any questions please contact us at greenteamamerica.ca@gmail.com.

Don’t wait!

Looking For Someting To Occupy Your Summer? We Have The Perfect Opportunity!

13 Jun

We know that summers can be a drag, and for those of you that have been looking for jobs, we understand how maddening the search can be. Green Team America has the hook-up for you!

Real Solar Goods is looking for college students, high school graduates, or anyone passionate about a career in RENEWABLE ENERGY for participation in their Solar Scouts Internship Program. Learn about the solar industry under the mentorship of the experts and get PAID to do so. Not bad eh?

If you are interested, contact them at (415) 346-9091.


24 May

We are the proudest non-profit on the face of this planet. In just 12 short months, we went from being a virtually unknown entity to a bustling organization whose projects have inspired hundreds to live environmentally conscience lifestyles. We established the adult advisory board and the student committee. Our students were able to gain sponsorships to pay for all of our projects and events. Our pilot projects, Project STOPP and Project LEAF, gave Inland Empire communities a taste of what GTA is all about and they loved it! Even though there are a few problems we have to address, we have laid the foundation for our future successes.

Though we will not be conducting any of our major campaigns during the summer, we will continue to post volunteer opportunities and ‘green’-related news. Also, we will be holding planning sessions for next year’s activities and events. If If you are a student that would like to be involved with these, please contact us.

As we close this academic year, we would like to thank everyone that has made GTA CA such a success. Thank you to our adult advisory board who took time out of their busy schedules to mentor our students and our projects. Thank you to our sponsors, who generously invested in the development of our future leaders. Finally, thank you to our participating schools. Teachers: aside from all the other amazing things you do, your help in organizing your students only magnifies your importance in society. Students: your passion is the fuel of this organization. It is awesome to see that you’ve adopted GTA as your own and have established relationships with your peers. As a result, your skills and innovative spirits are fusing together to create the character of GTA, one that is determined to stifle the effects of climate change. It is for this reason that GTA has a bright future.

Lesson 3: Make the Problem the Solution

23 Apr

We understand that we cannot erase the existence of plastic from the face of the earth; it is too valuable a material. It is easy and cost effective to make, it lasts a long time and almost everything that we have come to depend on is made of it. However, this way of living is not sustainable. The resources mined to make plastic are not renewable, and with rapid population growth and increased consumer demand, we are sure to run out in no time. It is time to rethink how we use and produce plastic

Individuals are tackling this issue as we speak. Mike Biddle and his company have figured out a way to RECYCLE plastic.

Mike Biddle on Recycling Plastic

You too can be a hero, just follow these simple steps.

Bring those reusable totes wherever you go. In a survey,  when shoppers were asked why they weren’t using  reusable tote bags, the most common answer was because they forgot them at home. Make using your totes a habit. The more you use them, the easier it will be to remember them. If this helps, some grocery stores (Sprouts, Trader Joe’s, etc.) will give you a small credit for using the totes.

If you get a plastic bag, reuse it until it turns to dust. (Ok, maybe not to that extreme, but you get the picture) Use it for anything you can think of. And when the bag is tattered beyond recognition, make sure to dispose of it properly.

During the  Project STOPP events that we had this month, we inspired over 1,000 shoppers to make the pledge to use their totes instead of plastic bags. GTA members, we have what it takes to make a difference.

Paper nor Plastic: Green Team America Inspires Hundreds To Make The Switch

8 Apr

Saturday, April 7 will forever go down in GTA history. It will be known as the day that Project STOPP sparked major change in Rancho Cucamonga.

As the first major project of the organization, Project STOPP (Students To Oppose Plastic Pollution) was put into affect in order to reduce the amount of plastic bags in the environment. Thanks to a generous donation of reusable tote bags from Ralph’s Grocery Stores, GTA students inspired over 400 shoppers at the Terra Vista Town Center Farmers’ Market to make the switch from plastic bags to environmentally-conscience tote bags.

400 shoppers in an afternoon!? What’s their secret?

“In my opinion, keeping Project STOPP simple  is what made it successful,” says Jeffrey Graham, GTA California Chapter coordinator and Los Osos High School senior, “We wanted our first project to be something that everyone related with. We figured that everybody goes to the grocery store and so Project STOPP was deemed the perfect fit.”

Indeed, the event had a very clear motive. After handing shoppers a free tote bag, GTA students cajoled them to sign a pledge that stated that they would continue to reuse that bag to protect wildlife and local communities from plastic pollution. For a free tote from a grinning student, many were happy to make the commitment.

A Rancho Cucamonga local exclaimed, “It feels great to see that these teens are tackling these important issues with such enthusiasm. I have no doubt that the next generation has what it takes to discover new and efficient ways to live.”

To see more photos from the event, please click here.

This Saturday’s Event

4 Apr

The schedule for Saturday’s Project STOPP event is as follows:

Project STOPP event, Rancho Cucamonga
Date & Time: Saturday, April 7 9am-1pm
Location: Terra Vista Town Center Farmer’s Market
9am- 11am: Fontana High School
11am-1pm: Los Osos High School & Rancho Cucamonga High School

We will be providing all of the materials. Please wear your GTA shirts and bring water and a chair (optional).

I have composed a simple script that you may use on Saturday.

Hello my name is (your name) and I am with the student organization, Green Team America. We are out here today passing out free tote bags for Project STOPP in hopes of reducing plastic bag pollution. If we give you this bag, would you mind signing this poster pledging to reuse this bag every time you shop?

You can add to it if you’d like, but this is the gist. I have also added the flyer for your use.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Lesson 2: The Cold Hard Facts About Plastic Bags

26 Mar

The Majestic Plastic Bag

In our last lesson, we heard the autobiography of a plastic bag. Judging by what we saw, we can assume that plastic bags have it hard. The plastic bag in the video had a reason to feel unwanted. The average American uses a plastic bag for only 15 minutes. Also, plastic bags take for ever to decompose. Light breaks plastic down so it photodegrades rather than biodegrades. Estimates say that this process can take up to 500 or even 1000 years in landfills. Unfortunately, we don’t really know, as plastic is a relatively new invention. Plastic waste is deceptive for birds and other wildlife, who mistake it for food. And you can imagine how eating plastic messes with an animal’s intestine.

However, it isn’t all doom and gloom. In our next lesson, we will learn about how people are putting plastic bags to good use and what you can do to help.

Tomorrow’s Project STOPP event canceled

16 Mar

Due to the gloomy forecast of tomorrow’s weather, The Rancho event will be pushed back to Saturday, April 7. Sorry for the inconvinience. 😦

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