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11 Jun

If there are any environmental high school students looking for the chance to be part of our state student advisory board please send an email to  before June 16, 2013. We are looking for dedicated students willing to join forces in order to advocate for environmental issues. 


Green Team America Closing Ceremony

11 Jun

Green Team America Closing Ceremony

You are invited to our closing ceremony for the year 2012-13 and to the welcoming for the year 2013-14 with our new leadership.
If there are any environmentalist that want to be part of an environmental advocacy empowered by the youth please feel free to join!!!!!! Please RSVP at Please make sure transportation is planned accordingly gates to the Frontier Project will be closing promptly at 8pm

Green Team Conference

5 Mar

Sorry, but the conference that was supposed to be held on Saturday March 9, 2013 has been canceled and rescheduled for a later date. Please spread the word and thank you (:

Green Team America California Conference 2013

28 Feb

High Schools of California, It is our pleasure to invite you to a sustainability conference   where we will be discussing the importance of climate change and its effects on our environment. Join us along with several stewards of the planet, and discover your leadership abilities, through our workshops and guest speakers.


Alliance for Climate Education                 Youth Grant Makers 

Toyota Sustainability Team         Green Team America Student Committee


Location: 1425 Toyota Way Ontario CA 91761

Time: 10 am- 2pm

RSVP to  President: Lizeth Cortez Tel. 909-994-3214 email:



International Resistance to China’s Growing Demand for Energy

10 Jan
23 Nov


We need to talk about our national drinking problem. With more than half the country still devastated by drought, and all the experts saying we’d better get used to it, it seems like an appropriate time to discuss water conservation. Problem is, we’re not too great at it: While much of the world lacks this most precious resource on a daily basis, we only need locate the nearest tap to quench our thirst — and some of us still shell out cash to drink from a plastic bottle instead. How can we start to see water like the urgent issue it is?

In her book Taking on Water, Wendy Pabich explains the “diamond-water paradox”: “Although water is more useful than diamonds — in fact, it is essential to life — diamonds command a significantly higher price in the market.” She then quotes Adam Smith: “The things which have…

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Inland Empire, Are You Ready To Ruuummmbbblllllleee!?

2 Aug

It”s that time of year again. Can you smell it in the air? We’ve been anxiously awaiting for weeks and we can hardly contain our excitement because….


It’s going to be awesome. New projects,new members and an even bigger impact! GAHHHH!!

We know, you can barely wait to start to get started, but hold your horses. Before you do anything with us, make sure you, your teacher or advisor, or a representative attends our official kick-off meeting at the Frontier Project on Wednesday, August 15 at 6pm.We will be introducing our new student committee, laying out proposed projects for the upcoming year and establishing the rules and responsibilities of participation.

With that said, set your countdown clocks folks! Let’s make this the best year GTA has ever seen!

Look what trees are now reduced to, you jerks

31 Jul


We’ve left trees in the lurch so badly, they’re forced to grow hands and then take matters into them. This one’s reduced to panhandling on the street to support its rainforest relatives.

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Jeremy’s iron will: On-screen villain plays the good guy in anti-waste doc

16 Jul

Looks good!


Jeremy Irons has played some serious douchebags: Scar, Claus von Bülow, Simon Gruber, the ultimate caricature of the 1% in Margin Call, the cauldron in Once Upon a Halloween (oh, did you miss that one?). The point is, it’s a little disconcerting to see him tromping around a Lebanese dump in rubber boots and a sad little straw hat, empathizing with a Palestinian refugee who picks trash for a living. But just because he’s so good at being villainous onscreen doesn’t mean that he can’t have his concerned celebrity cause movie. And the cause Irons chose is garbage.

Trashed, a documentary directed by Candida Brady and executive-produced by and starring Irons (with a score by Vangelis), looks at the toxic effects an endless worldwide buildup of waste has on our health and environment. To be honest, I kind of wish such a powerhouse of…

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It’s Time To Rethink How We Argue Climate Change.

12 Jul

Doesn’t it feel like sometimes it’s hard to close the gap between climate skeptics and advocates? Why cant we get people to agree on environmental issues?

Enough is enough.

Today on NPR’s Talk of the Nation, environmentalist Jon Foley explains the need to reframe climate debates in order to move forward on important issues. We agree. You can listen to it here.

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