Green Team America (GTA) is an environmental advocacy group powered by youth that strives to unite  students in a green crusade that can achieve dramatic and measurable results.

The California Chapter of GTA was created in 2011, when founder Gary Dunham reached out to Los Osos High School student Jeffrey Graham. Since then, Graham has collaborated with local organizations to establish an advisory board, recruit local schools and share the vision of the organization.

GTA is committed to nurturing future environmental stewards through programs and projects designed to spread an understanding of the Earth and a new environmental ethic. GTA’s vison is to inspire and empower high school environmental and service clubs nationwide – a potential force of millions of motivated students – and help them become agents for positive social change…starting with their own families.


To organize educate and motivate America’s youth with regard to the continuing struggle to save our species and planet from the effects of man-made climate alterations.

To provide an infrastructure that will allow our student members to combine individual and local efforts with a nationwide movement that will eventually encompass the globe.

To empower our most concerned citizens with the communication and implementation tools necessary to change the way we regard our natural resources, resulting in a carbon conscious lifestyle.

Finally, to lead by example and demonstrate how to protect and nurture our precious birthright.


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