24 May

We are the proudest non-profit on the face of this planet. In just 12 short months, we went from being a virtually unknown entity to a bustling organization whose projects have inspired hundreds to live environmentally conscience lifestyles. We established the adult advisory board and the student committee. Our students were able to gain sponsorships to pay for all of our projects and events. Our pilot projects, Project STOPP and Project LEAF, gave Inland Empire communities a taste of what GTA is all about and they loved it! Even though there are a few problems we have to address, we have laid the foundation for our future successes.

Though we will not be conducting any of our major campaigns during the summer, we will continue to post volunteer opportunities and ‘green’-related news. Also, we will be holding planning sessions for next year’s activities and events. If If you are a student that would like to be involved with these, please contact us.

As we close this academic year, we would like to thank everyone that has made GTA CA such a success. Thank you to our adult advisory board who took time out of their busy schedules to mentor our students and our projects. Thank you to our sponsors, who generously invested in the development of our future leaders. Finally, thank you to our participating schools. Teachers: aside from all the other amazing things you do, your help in organizing your students only magnifies your importance in society. Students: your passion is the fuel of this organization. It is awesome to see that you’ve adopted GTA as your own and have established relationships with your peers. As a result, your skills and innovative spirits are fusing together to create the character of GTA, one that is determined to stifle the effects of climate change. It is for this reason that GTA has a bright future.


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