Paper nor Plastic: Green Team America Inspires Hundreds To Make The Switch

8 Apr

Saturday, April 7 will forever go down in GTA history. It will be known as the day that Project STOPP sparked major change in Rancho Cucamonga.

As the first major project of the organization, Project STOPP (Students To Oppose Plastic Pollution) was put into affect in order to reduce the amount of plastic bags in the environment. Thanks to a generous donation of reusable tote bags from Ralph’s Grocery Stores, GTA students inspired over 400 shoppers at the Terra Vista Town Center Farmers’ Market to make the switch from plastic bags to environmentally-conscience tote bags.

400 shoppers in an afternoon!? What’s their secret?

“In my opinion, keeping Project STOPP simpleĀ  is what made it successful,” says Jeffrey Graham, GTA California Chapter coordinator and Los Osos High School senior, “We wanted our first project to be something that everyone related with. We figured that everybody goes to the grocery store and so Project STOPP was deemed the perfect fit.”

Indeed, the event had a very clear motive. After handing shoppers a free tote bag, GTA students cajoled them to sign a pledge that stated that they would continue to reuse that bag to protect wildlife and local communities from plastic pollution. For a free tote from a grinning student, many were happy to make the commitment.

A Rancho Cucamonga local exclaimed, “It feels great to see that these teens are tackling these important issues with such enthusiasm. I have no doubt that the next generation has what it takes to discover new and efficient ways to live.”

To see more photos from the event, please click here.


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